Ramadan: Holy Month Holy Decor

Plan ahead your Ramadan gatherings with the help of the best furniture rental company in Dubai and bless your home with luxury rental furniture and decor to give your gatherings an enchanting atmosphere.

Give your guests a memorable night by adding a contemporary edge to your traditional Ramadan decor. Pick your favourite contemporary item from the best selection of luxury furniture and accessories.

Here are some of our favourites…

1. Majlis Sofa’s

Our U shaped Majlis sofa bound with fine beige fabric is the perfect seating choice to fill your space. With its U shaped structure and ultra comfort your guests will not have to worry about sitting uncomfortably or sitting alone.

2. Poufs and benches

Having trouble fitting all your guests on your majlis sofa’s. We got you.

Rent out our sophisticated poufs to add an extra seating that you can move around freely. One of our favourites is the keira beige pouf with an iconic golden steel base.

3. Coffee tables

Our cube tables are the perfect tables to fit in between your seating area and to make sure your guests have a table to rest their drinks and bites on.
Absolute Rentals cube coffee table comes in two styles, mirror top cube coffee tables and marble top cube coffee tables.
Not sure which cube coffee table to go for? We got you.
Our team is more than happy to visit your space and advice you on the most suitable piece of furniture that will compliment your space.

4. Accessories only we think about

Let your guests walk in confidently with their Ramadan Glam by hanging any extra clothing they have such as Abaya’s on our contemporary golden rail. Our not so typical golden rail will not only serve you and your guests but will also add beauty to your space with its modern structure.

5. Seatings feeling empty? Cushion it up

Give your sitting area a new look this Ramadan with the Absolute rentals traditional Tikay. Our modern golden fabric Tikay are perfect for your contemporary Ramadan majlis and they’re super comfortable.

Giving your space a change from the typical traditional Ramadan decor will give your space an elegant sophisticated feel that will enchant your guests and give them a night to remember.