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Ramadan: Holy Month Holy Decor

Plan ahead your Ramadan gatherings with the help of the best furniture rental company in Dubai and bless your home with luxury rental furniture

Let The Centerpiece Of The Table Be The Centerpiece Of The Show

Ever so often you come across these beautifully decorated tables with amazing centerpieces. Ones that look straight out of a fairytale. A study recently showed that

Make Your Wedding an Experience Not Just An Event

Weddings are often pretty similar to people who attend it all through wedding seasons and it ends up being just an event instead of an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold But If You Want Glitter We Got The Gold

One of the latest trends in the furniture rental world is to rent furniture with gold rims or gold bases. The once outdated trend is making a huge comeback, especially for weddings and

Adding the design factor to your event with your furniture rental

A true wow moment in design happens when your event furniture rental and setting is so good that it creates an experience not just an event. A memorable experience

Furniture Rental In Dubai That Is Uniquely Crafted Just For You

Anyone who has ever rented furniture for an event knows how hard it can be to arrange the furniture options you have with your event theme to make it look good. Absolute Rentals,

Why Absolute Rentals Is The Best Furniture Rental Company In Dubai

When it comes to furniture rental in Dubai, Absolute Rentals is the first name that comes to mind. Absolute Rentals provides solutions to all your event furniture rental

5 Absolutely brilliant ways to reduce costs for your event

Events are expensive as is and when you have a tight budget it becomes hard to pull off something amazing especially in a city like Dubai. But there are always ways to get around this

Furniture can make or break the look of an event: Truth or popular misconception?

Although they say basing your impression on the first look is not good but still we all are guilty as charged to it. We can judge an evening just by one glance at it

Furniture Rental Trends To Look Out For In 2019

The New Year is known for bringing new styles and trends with it, not only in the fashion industry but in the market in general. No matter which category your

A Look Back At The Most Trending Rental Furniture In 2018

Furniture with a metallic and velvet finish continued to shine through out 2018. Basically anything which showcased the “Luxury Life” kind of look

Planning an event? Here’s a list of must have furniture

Planning an event of any sort can be very time consuming and requires a lot of effort and if by any chance you still don’t get the final output as

Renting or Buying Furniture for your next event – What is the better option?

Having trouble deciding between renting and buying furniture for your next event or exhibition?
Well, there is a clear answer for you and that is

The Perfect Setting for The Perfect Day

Every girl at some point imagines her wedding and what it would look like, what she would wear and for some reason we all like

Get Rustic For Your Wedding Event!

Today, rustic weddings are becoming a popular choice especially for couples who prefer a cool and relaxed vibe on the special day. What exactly is a rustic wedding? Let us explain below – and give you tips on how to pull off one!

Guide to Hosting Your Social Party Event

Who doesn’t love celebrating a party? Nothing beats a fun celebration, but when you’re the one who’s hosting, it can get real hassle. Especially when it comes to hosting a social party event in Dubai, it involves a lot of details and planning. Since you’ll be inviting out a lot of guests, including your loved […]

Sustainable Furniture For Any Event Rentals

Sustainability is an essential element of modern furniture décor. Apart from the designs and colours, sustainable furniture is also considered as one of the top modern furniture trends. Today, people also look at how environmentally friendly the products, or in this case, furniture rentals or purchases they’ll make.

2019’s Furniture Colour Scheme and Décor Trends

These past few years, we were all about different trends – even regarding colour palettes and décor, these ‘trends’ has been about focusing on the ideation, collaboration, and just simply being up-to-date with what’s in and what’s not. For last year, Pantone released Ultra Violet – a deep mix of purple and blue hues – […]

Furnish Your Fun Outdoor Event With Furniture Rentals

Preparing to have some fun for an outdoor social affair over the weekend? Or then again perhaps you’re going hard and fast while arranging a noteworthy occasion like a wedding or family gathering? In any case, furnishing your backyard for an outside occasion is one of your most essential errands—and possibly one of the manners […]

No Debts Do Us Part! – Cost-Effective Wedding Furniture Rentals

The tastefulness of your occasion and the comfort of your wedding guests, for the most part, would depend on the quality of furniture that you use for the event. The best thing about being in Dubai is there are reputed furniture event rental companies who will promptly help you in picking and setting up the […]

Event Rental Furniture – Choosing The Smart Choice For Your Absolute Needs

Everybody needs to cherish the space they’ll celebrate in. The correct furniture can mean the distinction between a space where guests are simply sitting back in and a genuine setting that they’ll come to love. Picking the best furniture set involves balancing comfort, usefulness, style, and value in the correct way. Nobody can set those […]

Blending Styles For Your Event Furniture Rental

The time has come, you have an important event that needs a serious time of planning, and one of the top priorities in your task list is the furniture decoration. Do you prefer modern design or are you a stickler for traditional? Do you want your design to be aesthetically pleasing that will leave a […]

Best Event Rental Furniture For Your Business Exhibitions!

Exhibiting at trade shows provide a great opportunity to engage and interact with your target audience personally. Attendees of trade shows are already potential customers. What you only must do to draw them in is by having an attractive exhibit display. A well-designed exhibit can reach the interest of your target audience. How you build […]

Classic Vintage-themed Furniture Rentals For Your Wedding

It takes time and effort to organise a wedding event. Since weddings are celebrated only once in a couple’s life, it should only be reasonable to make it a one-of-a-kind experience. There are many available options to choose for your wedding theme. Some couples may prefer traditional ones while others may go for modern themes. […]

The Blushing Bride’s Choice: Rose Gold Wedding Furniture

A wedding is a one-of-a-kind event that requires the most special arrangements. Not only would a wedding be memorable to the newly-wed couples, but for their loved ones who would attend the wedding as well. Weddings are special shared moments, so it need only the best of the best planning and arranging. One of the […]

Marble, Brass, & Anything Nice — Elevate Your Gala Event Experience!

Each one of us has our own preferences when it comes to furniture.  What’s good about furniture is that it offers a wide range of selection to cater to our specific needs. There are different furniture material types to choose from including marble, brass, glass, concrete, etc. Your choice of furniture rental can greatly impact […]

A Flair Wedding Affair: Beyond the Fleur As the Centrepiece

Weddings are all about flowers. A bride’s outfit is not complete with the bridal bouquet. Every corner of the wedding venue is also filled with different types of flowers that have various symbolizations. While flowers give visual aesthetics and a touch of romance, there are more to weddings than its flowers. From the main ceremony […]

Launching Your Corporate Event With A Lounge Furniture Rental

If you are to launch your corporate event, you might as well launch it in style and comfort. When organizing a corporate event, one of the most important things to do is to find premium quality tables and chairs rental in Dubai. Company events are typically held indoors where the guests and the company’s team […]

Shades to Add Up Colourful Sophistication In Your Furniture

There is power in colours. When you look at the colour blue, does it make you feel calm and relaxed? If you’re working in an office space with walls that are only painted in white, do you find it difficult to find motivation at work? If you see a red chair, does it make you […]

Design of Times: Furniture Rentals With Class

With the 365 days, we have in a year, many of those days are spent celebrating special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, company events, and much more. The days go so fast that we’ll end up surprised by how many celebrations we’ve had in a single year, and how those moments have left remarkable memories […]

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