All That Glitters Is Not Gold But If You Want Glitter We Got The Gold

One of the latest trends in the furniture rental world is to rent furniture with gold rims or gold bases. The once outdated trend is making a huge comeback, especially for weddings and ceremonial events.

The rather uber cool events with a younger audience also look into this trend to mix it up with something more classy and make a whole new concept out of it. We saw this happening at one of our very own Dubai Design Week events where many stalls ordered for Absolute Rentals, Beige Pouf Ottoman with the gold rims just to add some class to the overall look.

Absolute Rentals, being one of the oldest in the furniture rental business in the UAE, have been there in the event industry to see the changing trends and demands and have the best of unique luxury event furniture for rent in stock.

If you’re looking for any one of these cool gold finish luxury furniture to add to your event, here is a list out of Absolute Rentals golden furniture collection just for you:

The list of golden furniture at Absolute Rentals goes on and on and is sourced from all around the world to bring you the best selection of furniture rental suitable for every function.

Furniture with gold finishing can also go with bold colors such as red, pink, green and neon colors as well. These will not only add a spunk to the event but also make it look unique and different compared to the usual white and gold theme.

So the next time you want gold to be a part of any event theme, you know where to come!
Absolute Rentals is one of the best furniture rental companies in Dubai and has a wide collection of furniture that can make your event a stunner.