A sofa is a leading role! Choosing the one that best suits you, whether, for space, aesthetics, function or price, you need to know the main features of a sofa. Used both indoor & outdoor. We are providing Sofas at the affordable price for rent all over UAE. We have a wide range of sofas including Vintage Sofa, Curved Sofa, Bordeaux Sofa 3 Seater, Bordeaux Sofa 2 Seater, Brun Sofa, Victorian Sofa, Streamline Sofa, Streamline Curve Sofa, Bianco Sofa, Off-White Sofa, Provincial Single Seater Sofa, Majlis Sofa, Crate Sofa 2 Seater, Crate Sofa Single Seater, Infinity Curve Sofa, Marina Sofa 3 Seater, Marina 2 Seater Sofa, Emirati Seating Tikay.